International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction

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International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction: Sep 2017, 6 (3), 11 articles.
Review Article
Martinotti Giovanni, Sarchione Fabiola, Fiori Federica, Corbo Mariangela, Poloni Nicola, Tarricone Ilaria, Serafini Gianluca, Pompili Maurizio, Di Giannantonio Massimo
A high prevalence of suicide and attempted suicide in relation to gambling disorder is in increasing evidence in current scientific data. The objective of this review was to explore if there was a primary correlation between psychiatric co-morbidities and gambling and/or a secondary correlation with suicide acts.We ... read more
Research Article
Abolhasan Afkar, Seyed Mahmoud Rezvani, Abdolhosein Emami Sigaroudi
Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and the related circuitry.The purpose of the study was the measurement of effective components in addiction relapse, in Rasht city of Guilan province, Iran.This study was done in 2014 that has been performed by using the ... read more
Research Article
Naser Alejalil, Seyed Rasoul Davoodi
The use of mobile phones in the world today is growing rapidly and consequently its related problems in various areas of cultural, social and economical are growing.The current research was concerned with aspects of mobile phone use and pedestrian distraction when talking on a mobile device.The present ... read more
Research Article
Mohammad Taheri, Mohammad Motamedifar, Jamal Sarvari, Ramin Yaghobi, Negin Nikouyan, Neda Pirbonyeh, Kamran Bagheri Lankarani
Epidemiological studies have reported commonly distributed transfusion-transmitted virus (TTV) in different populations with parental risk factors, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).This study was performed to determine and compare the prevalence of TTV infection among HIV-positive patients and healthy blood donors.A total of 186 HIV patients and 165 ... read more
Research Article
Masoomeh Shirzaiy, Mohammad Aiub Rigi Ladiz, Zohreh Dalirsani, Javid Dehghan Haghighi, Alireza Nakhaii
Smoking leads to changes in immune reaction and total antioxidant capacity. Smoking, through dysfunction of antioxidant system, plays an important role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases.The current study aimed at comparing salivary antioxidant capacity in smokers and non-smokers with severe chronic periodontitis.In this case-control study, among ... read more
Research Article
Harsh Chalana, Tanu Kundal, Amandeep Singh Malhari
Opioid dependence is a complicated disorder in which multiple factors interact to influence initiation of use, repeated use, addiction, and relapse. Negative emotional states, such as anger, anxiety, depression, frustration, and boredom are also associated with the highest rate of relapseThe researchers of the current study propose ... read more
Research Article
Alessandra Casuccio, Palmira Immordino, Rossella Falcone, Fanny Pojero, Sara Palmeri
The market for and the level of energy drinks (EDs) consumption are increasing every year, and while only a few have a comprehensive knowledge about the potential harmful physiological and psychological effects of EDs, the number of publications that have documented the potential adverse risks associated with ... read more
Research Article
Yousef Khani, Saharnaz Nedjat, Mahshid Mojtahedzadeh Faghihi, Abolfazl Mollajan, Shahnaz Rimaz
Illegal use of psychotropic drugs has become a great problem around the world. Change in the traditional pattern of drug abuse to industrial drugs is one of the challenges faced today in Iran. The present study was performed to determine the reliability and validity of the Persian ... read more
Brief Report
Sina Hafizi, Dina Tabatabaei, Amir Hossein Memari, Arash Rahmani, Mohammad Arbabi
There is growing interest in studying the impact of religion/spirituality (R/S) on mental/physical health in Iran; however, little attention has been paid to the role of R/S in addiction.This study aim to evaluate the reliability and construct and convergent validity of the Farsi version of the religious ... read more
Case Report
Mahin Eslami Shahrbabaki, Parisa Divsalar
Hallucinations in children have not typically been viewed as synonymous with psychosis. They can even be part of normal development or can be associated with other psychiatric disorders. These hallucinations are sometimes referred to as non-psychotic hallucinations. An association between childhood trauma and psychosis has been demonstrated ... read more
Masoudeh Babakhanian, Mehran Zarghami