International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction

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International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction: Dec 2017, 6 (4), 11 articles.
Research Article
Parvaneh Mohammadkhani, Reza Moloodi, Safoora Fatemi
Schema focused cognitive- behavioral model proposed that patients with eating disorders (EDs) used bulimic behaviors in order to avoid or suppress negative affects that are triggered by early maladaptive schemas.The aim of the present study was to compare normal weight and obese women in terms of the ... read more
Research Article
Zahra Heidari, Hamidreza Mahmoudzadeh-Sagheb, Mansour Shakiba, Enam Alhagh Charkhat Gorgich
Methamphetamine (MA) is an addictive and stimulant drug that its abuse causes psychological and cognitive symptoms. MA abuse can cause structural changes in the brain.The current study aimed to evaluate stereological changes of the brains of MA abusers, compared to the controls.The current case-control study was conducted ... read more
Research Article
Harsh Chalana, Tanu Kundal, Amandeep Singh Malhari
Injecting drug use is common among substance abusers, who frequently refer to rehabilitation centers and are detected positive for viral markers during routine screening. In this study, we evaluated drug abuse patterns and seroprevalence of HIV, hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), and HCV among substance abusers in ... read more
Research Article
Jennifer R. Pharr, Victor Enejoh, Bertille O. Mavegam, Ayodotun Olutola, Haruna Karick, Echezona E. Ezeanolue
Globally, an estimated 4 million of the 35 million people living with HIV are between the ages of 15 and 24. Nigeria has the second largest burden of HIV worldwide with an estimated 3.2 million individuals living with HIV/AIDS. The prevalence of HIV among adolescents in Nigeria ... read more
Research Article
Nila Akhoundi, Khadijeh Aerab Sheibani
The Luthans intervention model is an educational model designed and developed to enhance psychological capital and psychological capital is a concept mainly obtained based on the theory and research in positive psychology and is used in workplace.The current study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of psychological capital ... read more
Research Article
Ahmad Kalateh Sadati, Noshin Zarei, Hasan Joulaei, Kourosh Zare, Seyed Taghi Heydari
The trade of prostitution is familiar with unprotected sex, which is the main cause of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Underground sexual relationship includes bargaining (having sexual intercourse with or without a condom) between prostitutes and their clients. Qualitative studies are rare on ... read more
Research Article
Babak Moazen, Shayesteh Hajizadeh, Saharnaz Nedjat, Hamid Reza Setayesh, Minoo Mohraz, Mohammad Mehdi Gouya, Kate Dolan
Individuals that are HIV positive can transmit the infection through unprotected sex.The present study aimed to evaluate the prevalence and determinants of consistent condom use among Iranian people living with HIV/AIDS as one of the most stigmatized and hard-to-access groups in this country.This cross-sectional study was conducted ... read more
Brief Report
Manoochehr Karami, Mohammad Mirzaei, Salman Khazaei, Seyyed Jalal Bathaei
Estimating the population of female sex workers (FSWs) is necessary to monitor HIV epidemic, behavioral risk factors and implement preventive.The current study aimed to evaluate the population of FSWs in Hamadan, west of Iran.Minimum required data was extracted from 3 registry centers of (a) woman ... read more
Case Report
Amer Hawatmeh, Ahmad Abu Arqoub, Khalid Jumean
Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) is characterized by chronic marijuana use, cyclic vomiting, abdominal pain, and compulsive need to take hot showers. This syndrome is an episodic, recurrent disorder in which three phases have been described: a prodromal, hyper-emetic, and a recovery phase with resolution of symptoms upon ... read more
Seyed Moayed Alavian
Hasan Sadeghi, Leyla Ebrahimi, Leyla Vatandoust